MagicLantern + manual lenses =


Since i've started using manual lenses, i've always wondered how to add correct EXIF data to my images. At first it was just for some statistical purposes and generally a "good feeling" of having the pictures "complete". Then i've realized, that i could use these values to find matching lens profiles in DarkTable and correct chromatic aberration, distortion and vignetting. But aren't these imperfections exactly the reason why we love old lenses? ;)

My first attempt resulted in a simple bash script with set of predefined lenses, which i've run and set the right values to different exif keys.

But i knew there must be a better way. And there really was ;) One day i've found this thread at MagicLantern forum. I've been occasionally using ML before, but didn't explore its features, nor did i knew about the possible scripting, which opened a whole new world to me. After a bit of playing with it, i've found out, that neither Gimp nor DarkTable care about the sidecar files the script was creating..

Since we can't easily and reliably modify the exif data directly during shooting, i've decided to modify the script and let it output something similar to what my old script was doing - a bash script, which will modify the exif data ex-post.

ml/lens_list.jpg - Lens list

Lens list

ml/lens_detail.jpg - Lens detail

Lens detail

ml/format.jpg - Script settings

Script settings

ml/format2.jpg - Outfile format

Outfile format

ml/recent.jpg - Recent items

Recent items

ml/scripts.jpg - Scripts menu

Scripts menu