MagicLantern + manual lenses =


  1. Head to MagicLantern experiment releases and grab a "Non-CPU lens info" build for your camera.
  2. Follow the how-to to install ML.
  3. Grab and unpack it in the ML/scripts/ directory on your memory card. When prompted to overwrite xmp.lua, logger.lua or ui.lua, confirm it as you need the defined templates and couple other changes.
  4. Edit the ML/scripts/lib/lenses.lua script and add/comment out any lenses you'd like to use within the "lenses = ...." part. All the configurable lens parameters are described there.
  5. Insert the card to your camera, start it and if there is a manual lens attached, you should be prompted with a lens-selection dialogue.
  6. Within ML configuration locate the menu with general configuration of the script (screenshot to be added here....) and from the format dropdown select Exiv2.
  7. Enable image-previews in the camera menu.
  8. Go out and make some pictures ;)
  9. Once you're back home, you should see a file called MANUAL.SH in the image folder of your memory card. Contents of that file should be similar to whats shown here.
  10. Execute the script (i'm using simple bash ./MANUAL.SH) and open the images in your favorite viewer or editor.
ml/lens_list.jpg - Lens list

Lens list

ml/lens_detail.jpg - Lens detail

Lens detail

ml/format.jpg - Script settings

Script settings

ml/format2.jpg - Outfile format

Outfile format

ml/recent.jpg - Recent items

Recent items

ml/scripts.jpg - Scripts menu

Scripts menu