MagicLantern + manual lenses =

Known issues

  1. The resulting script is using exiv2 and is meant to be used on Linux (i'm a debian user), but since Exiv2 has some builds for other operating systems, i assume, that it may work in couple other enviroments as well ;)
  2. You have to turn on the post-capture image preview to have the MANUAL.SH written/updated.
  3. Adapters with chips seem to enforce focal length and aperture values and these are then used instead of values set with this script.
  4. There is a difference in lens name used by LensFun and ACR for Samyang 85mm f/1.4, so you have to use the one, which matches the software you are going to use for postprocessing.
ml/lens_list.jpg - Lens list

Lens list

ml/lens_detail.jpg - Lens detail

Lens detail

ml/format.jpg - Script settings

Script settings

ml/format2.jpg - Outfile format

Outfile format

ml/recent.jpg - Recent items

Recent items

ml/scripts.jpg - Scripts menu

Scripts menu